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Audio Guides into Virtual Tours

Audio Guides

Museums have been using Audio Guides as a way to enhance an individual's museum experience since the

late 50's. 

The goal was to replicate the experience of personally guided tour by a docent or curator for each visitor. And using the audio technology available, museums created audio guides to enrich the visitor's experience.

Bring that logic forward, add 220 million domestic smart phones, add EDL's museum app with Smart Guides and voila you have Virtual Tours for this new global audience.

Smart Guides

The conventional audio guides featured the highlights of the museum's collections. They were typically created at great expense and are of excellent quality.


Their audience was limited to visitors in the museum, because without an image, they had no reference outside of the museum. 


So despite their quality, they have a short shelf life due to this limited audience.

Now, paired with an image, EDL's Smart Guides can truly go mobile. They can be combined to create Virtual Tours. For this new audience they are a great introduction to the museum and their resident collections.

These Virtual Tours introduce this new audience to the museum, and gives them a taste of what to expect so when they come, they know exactly where they want to go first.


• The Smart Audio Tour was built from the Baltimore Museum of Art's Cone Collection Series of Audio Guides available for free on iTunes.


• The Smart Audio Guide was built from a recording of the Walters Art Museum's, Director's Favorites Audio Tour,  #604 Ruben's Vase Audio Guide and the image is off their website.

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