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A friend, who is a radiologist, shared some of his research he had done with several museums using a CT scanner to

non-invasively investigate a mummy and other artifacts.


The mummy had been in the museum for over a hundred years and very little was known about it. The goal of their research was to find out what they could determine without opening the mummy's sarcophagi (case). 


Together we prepared this Virtual Report of the findings, which we titled 'Art CSI.' 

With each slide there is an audio, which engages the visitor and gives a more detailed explanation of their findings as illustrated with the slide.


Art CSI: Egyptian Mummy

Curator's Corner

The untold story is all the research being done in museums.  Research papers no doubt are being published, but this work also needs to be shared with the mobile audience.

The museum staff are attracted to the profession not by promises of riches, but for the opportunity to work in this challenging intellectual environment. 


Curators spend their days solving riddles, that transcend time. These stories beg to be told, and EDL's museum app is the perfect vehicle.

By 'museums', we mean collectively: Aquariums, Historical Sites, Museums, and Zoos. The terminology may vary, but the need for a dialogue with the mobile audience is universal.

Art CSI:  Japanese Egret
Cloisonne Ceramic