The EDL Museum App is a Great Marketing Tool, engineered to introduce museums to a whole new audience. 

This new audience translates into a mix of remote and local viewers. Either way, if they like the content, many will become members. 


Take the museum’s success with it’s existing audience and amplify it.  Its not more work, its just a larger audience.


That’s the Power of the EDL Museum App.

EDL has the Technology

A Great Marketing Tool

  • EDL's Museum App is a complete turn key solution.

  • It does not require support from the Museum's IT Department.

  • The Museum provides the content: images, audio files, and any textual data.

  • EDL publishes the app and it will be distributed on the App Stores for free.

EDL Museum Apps Support:

  • Smart Guides

  • Smart Exhibition Tours

  • Curator's Corner - Art CSI

  • Mapping & Navigation

  • Plan a Visit

  • User's Favorites

  • Social Media Sharing

Q3: When should a museum consider a mobile app?

If your museum wants to increase its membership and new visitor numbers, if you are planning a new exhibition in the next 3-4 months, and/or if you have a library of existing audio guides/tours we can help you.  


The museum's role in publishing the mobile app is to focus on creating meaningful, engaging content about your collections, research, restoration work, and exhibitions.  In other words, museums focus on what they are really good at, but now for a larger audience. 


The curators' role is to be part of the creative staff, and take credit for the great work they are doing. EDL's role is to run the presses.  

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