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  • Provide a Teaching Resource,​

Audio Guides

  • Since the late 1950's museums have been using Audio Guides to enrich the visitor's experience.

  • If you see an item of interest and it has a number next to it, simply key in the number.​​​

  • But outside the museum these audio guides have no relevance because the listener has no reference.

Smart Guides

  • EDL pairs each audio guide with an image to create "Smart Guides".

  • Smart Guides can be viewed outside the museum as well as in front of the piece of art. 


  • Smart Guides are relevant.

  • They can be strung together like pearls to create "Virtual Tours".

  • EDL Museums Apps are truly mobile.

Q1: Will an EDL app run in our museum?

EDL's apps don't need wifi or internet connectivity to run, once downloaded. Because our app does not run on the museum's network, there is no security risk, and there is no burden on the museum's IT Department to support the app.

Q2: Can you play individual Audio Guides by number?

Yes, any of our "Smart Guides" can be accessed by number.  If a visitor chooses to only look at a few specific pieces, they can simply key in the relevant item number. Search by number is just as valid a use of the app.


The "Smart Guide" was built from recordings from the Baltimore Museum of Art's Cone Collection Series of Audio Guides, #330 Interior with Dog by Henri Matisse, available for free on iTunes.

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